Waste, Fraud & Abuse of Entitlement Programs

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Welcome to ‘Welfare Lane’ – where Kenny & Lisa live (they call themselves ‘Patriots’), take your tax dollars claiming ‘disability’, and zip-line for fun!


When Pigs Fly…

And this is a ‘Patriot’ family!  This family claims to be III for fcuk sake!

Let’s look at the checklist for becoming a parasite on society:

  • So fat losing the weight of a healthy teenage boy and you’d STILL need a diet. 
  • Smokes. 
  • Complains of chronic pain. 
  • Takes your tax dollars in Entitlement Benefits.  
  • Feels good enough to zip line for fun.  

Personally, I do not remember any legislation for providing ‘Entitlement’ and welfare benefits for sickly Sows & Cows…

End welfare programs now.

If you are healthy enough to zip-line, you are healthy enough to get a job as a Wal-Mart greeter and get off the taxpayer’s back.

And remember, on Welfare Lane Kenny needs his meds: “I need me my motherfucking mood pills, man. ”  And if he doesn’t get them – violence is the risk: “The world’s gonna be a dangerous place tomorrow, motherfuckers.”


Project X

There is a lesson here, Patriots: (Be certain to scroll below)

Attacks on Royal Officials and Loyalists

The Loyalists during the American revolution had to faced persecution. Patriots refused to tolerate Loyalists who were active on behalf of the King and called for the king to send forces to destroy the Patriots.

It was at the hands of the mob that senior British officials first suffered attacks. Probably the worst of the revolutionary mobs was that which paraded the streets of Boston. In 1765, at the time of the Stamp Act agitation, large crowds in Boston attacked and destroyed the magnificent houses of Andrew Oliver and Lieutenant Governor Thomas Hutchinson. “They broke down the doors with broadaxes, destroyed the furniture, stole the money and jewels, scattered the books and papers, and, having drunk the wines in the cellar, proceeded to the dismantling of the roof and walls. The owners of the houses barely escaped with their lives.”[citation needed] In 1770, a mob deliberately pelted one unit of British troops with snowballs; the troops opened fire without command, killing five in the Boston Massacre. In 1773, Bostonians, some disguised as Indians, in the famous Boston Tea Party threw tea into Boston harbor in protest of the Tea Act; the tea was ruined but no people were hurt. To teach the colonials a lesson the British Parliament passed the Intolerable Acts, which stripped Massachusetts of its traditional self-rule and sent General Thomas Gage to govern the province.

The anger of the Patriots spread up and down the 13 colonies. In New York they were active in destroying printing-presses from which had issued Tory pamphlets, in breaking windows of private houses, in stealing livestock and personal effects, and in destroying property. A favorite pastime was tarring and feathering ‘obnoxious Tories.’ Recalcitrant Loyalists might be treated to a punishment common ride the rail in painful fashion.

After Yorktown the British were left in control of only one significant stronghold, New York City. It was the main debarkation point for Loyalists leaving America. The British Army remained until November 1783.

III Percent Patriots are seeking 100+ Leaders Across the Country.

Basic Qualifications:

  • Respect for the Constitution & Bill of Rights
  • Ready, willing and able to conduct operations on behalf of Liberty
  • Live within 1/2 tank of fuel of one of the AO’s listed on the map above
  • Able to recruit at least 2 dependable fellow Patriots for your Team
  • Able to operate overtly, covertly and clandestinely as needed
  • Able to maintain OPSEC, COMSEC and PERSEC
  • Willingness to confront Antifa and other Reds/Anarchists
  • Ability to work independently of a hierarchical command structure
  • Willingness to undergo tradecraft training, if needed

These are volunteer positions for American Patriots.

These are not Militia positions, though an ability and willingness to work with responsible members of your local Militias is encouraged.

If you are interested, send an email: III@IIIPercent.com

Use a Code Name or Call Sign, we prefer that you DO NOT include your real name.

If you are a member of the III Percent Society, definitely use your assigned Call Sign.

In Liberty.



Ah, the intellectual honesty – not…

So, Barry doesn’t approve of White Supremacists who run around the woods playing White Army Man?

I’m always fascinated by people who want to play Army Dress Up. Fascinated, because such people invariably want nothing whatsoever to do with the obligations of duty, discipline, organization, and subordination that go along with the uniform. And never mind that uni means “one,” which means rugged individuals are a menace to the unit.

And I have to ask, “recognizable…” as what?

If you feel a compelling urge to wear Army drag (which you’re not authorized to wear) to be a manly combatant there is simply no hope for you.


You mean, like this Daffy fcuktard?


Butt what can you expect from a Daffy fcuktard who virtue signals over this guy – 

  • They are but not of you and your ilk. After reading some of your blog posts, I realize you and you’re type are a big part of the problem.
    “What we have learned by this past weekends events in Charlottesville is that the Southern man still has some fight left”
    Ok Twatwaffle, here’s the problem. You’re too stuck on the whole “The south will rise again” BS to realize that the good things that were on display at Charlottesville (not much) was from people who were freedom minded (not, “Southern minded”), and had about as much in common with your idea of the “Southern Man”, as you POS slaver ancestors (saw that on your blog) do with Rosie O’Donnell and her assault spoon. They were American’s doing what good Americans do. You might want to look to your goat smellin’, ignorant swamp ass and pull your head out of it. You and your ilk is what will destroy the “right” before they get on a roll. Do us all a favor and stay in your primordial ooze.

Yet permits the same positions remain unchallenged when put forth by the Barry…

Oh, perhaps this is the reason:


…and now you know…

DNC Files were leaked – NOT HACKED

There was no hack of the Democratic National Committee’s system on July 5 last year—not by the Russians, not by anyone else. Hard science now demonstrates it was a leak—a download executed locally with a memory key or a similarly portable data-storage device. In short, it was an inside job by someone with access to the DNC’s system. This casts serious doubt on the initial “hack,” as alleged, that led to the very consequential publication of a large store of documents on WikiLeaks last summer.

The researchers know the download/leak happened on the east coast of the USA.

Seth Rich, murdered 5 days after the ‘leak’ could not be reached for comment.

I encourage our tech-savvy Patriots to read the article and provide feedback.  Do the assertions made in the piece hold up to your scrutiny?

btw – found this over at Brock’s shop.  Another great find.

Commies & Pig Farmers Everywhere!

“I’m not a great optimist about the western civilization.” – PJB, here.

When I was young a common pejorative when discussing Communist Russia (USSR) was ‘Pig Farmer’.  As the story goes the average Communist, represented by the Russian Pig Farmer, had the following outlook on the world:  Pig Farmer Alexei owned 2 pigs.  Pig Farmer Vlad owned 3 pigs.  So, Pig Farmer Alexei called the KGB and demanded that they come and kill one of Pig Farmer Vlad’s pigs, thus restoring equality to his world.

When Pat Buchanan comments about his pessimism for Western Civilization, it is because Pig Farmers are no longer simply mental midgets found behind the Iron Curtain.  The Pig Farmer ideology has infected America to Her core.  The rationale of the Pig Farmer is so entrenched in the masses of American citizens, it goes unidentified by most.

98% of Americans working for ‘The State’ are Pig Farmers.  Every single American who accepts .Gov benefits – but for wounded .mil vets and those who have accepted less than they ever ‘contributed’ to the system – are Pig Farmers.  I can not identify one single politician outside of the elected County Sheriff who is not a Pig Farmer – either sharing the ideology or slopping the Pigs.

The most insidious collection of Pig Farmers in America – even more repugnant than the Welfare Class – can often be found working next to you.  Whether you sweep floors in a warehouse, drive a prison bus, or perform some other menial, unskilled service industry job, you definitely need look no further than your co-workers to find a few Pig Farmers.  Many Pig Farmers never have to look further than the mirror.  These are the slugs of society who think they make a contribution to Western Civilization by virtue of their very existence, while complaining and attempting to sabotage genuine producers in the economy – the men and women who help to construct buildings and machines, the men and women who build products and thus employ machinists and technicians and other genuine contributors.

The Pig Farmer Class in America would evaporate overnight if the parasites among us would begin to produce tangible widgets, or medicine, or advances in tech that help reduce the unit cost of production.

Hell, even if your greatest aspiration in life is to peddle Camel Toe, at least muster the gumption to produce your own and not simply recycle what you find in a Google Search, for Fcuk sake.

…or, they could simply STFU and let their betters do the work they are unwilling and incapable of accomplishing..

But that will not happen – because in their Souls they are Pig Farmers.

The Garrote & the III Percent Patriots

III Arms Company manufactures a garrote modeled on the original O.S.S. design, sent into action with O.S.S. agents and operators during WWII.  Garrote techniques were taught to general US Army soldiers as recently as 1971 (FM 21-150) and continues today in elite units across the US Armed Services and Intelligence Services.

III Percent.com

CIA, US Navy SEALS and US Army Special Forces all directly trace their existence back to the men of O.S.S. – men like Bill Donovan, William Fairbairn, Rex Applegate and Aaron Bank.  Fairbairn & Applegate understood the utility of the wire garrote in certain circumstances over the knife, and they trained their students accordingly.  Here is a video of US Rangers training in various garrotes and techniques.

The garrote can be designed as either a strangulation weapon or a cutting weapon.  As a cutter the garrote must utilize bared wire, often a piano-grade wire.  Coated wire, rope, electrical cord, or even a leather belt will work as a strangulation weapon, especially in improvised circumstances.  Generally speaking, if an operator can afford to spill blood, a knife is often a better choice than a garrote.  However, if the operator must avoid getting wet, a garrote with a coated wire or a sturdy rope is ideal – silent and clean.

Most III Percent Patriots understand that the fight against hardcore Marxists in America – those Marxists who bring violence and particularly those who order violence while remaining safely in their offices and country clubs while surrounded by bodyguards – will require more than ARs and cammies and open conflict to defeat.

Like the O.S.S. Agents and Cold War Agents in our history, modern III Percent Patriots will often accomplish more tactical and strategic gain for Liberty by wearing the uniform of the repairman or waiter while employing a suppressed Walther or garrote, then slipping away silently as shocked Enemies of Liberty are left to bleed out on the floors of their offices, restaurants and homes as their Marxist friends shriek in horror and surprise.

Modern Patriots must embrace both the Militiaman and the Spy if Liberty is to triumph.

III Percent Society

Make no mistake, Liberty and Tyranny are at war and every neighborhood in America is a battleground.  If your child attends public schools, you already know that Marxists and Useful Idiots in that school are pushing Marxist teachings upon your children.  There is no community in America that is immune from this fight.

Before this fight goes hot, it will be fought in the cold and the shadows by patriotic Cold Warriors.

Arm yourself with the highest quality and professionally built tools of the Militiaman and the Spy.

Be ready to fight on any ground the Enemies of Liberty present.

They mean to be Masters, as Daniel Webster warned us all.  Will you accept slavery upon bended knee – or will you fight?

Tools for the Professional Patriot, here.

III Percent Patriots Call to Action

We have started an official White House petition to ask President Trump to immediately pardon Dwight and Steve Hammond upon his inauguration on January 20, 2017.

To every American Patriot who reads this Call to Action – please help spread the word across your email lists and social media.

President-Elect Trump: You can correct a travesty of justice – a political prosecution – in the first hour of your first day as our President.  Please pardon Dwight and Steve Hammond and send them home to their families.

Here’s the link to the original post.

Here is the link to the petition.

Patriotic Americans – please email, share, re-tweet and spread this message to every corner of the internet!

And PLEASE go and put your name on the petition.

President Trump: Free the Hammonds

President Trump, we request that on Day One, Hour One of your Presidency, you Pardon and order the immediate release of Dwight and Steve Hammond.

Then we request you either pardon every American Patriot currently under indictment for the Bundy Ranch affair, or order your Attorney General to stand down the DoJ from prosecuting.

You can begin dismantling Bureau of Land Management and properly investigating the murder of LaVoy Finicum, on Day Two.


The III Percent Patriots of America

**This message has been submitted directly to the Trump Team.


The conversation must now shift.

Two questions:

1) Who do you think will win the Electoral College?

2) What will you do differently if HRC is our POTUS Elect?

After you have answered those two questions, please go read PJB’s column – he agrees with our assessment that, no matter what else, Donald Trump has ripped the mask from the Beast for all to see.  Here’s the piece.

God save the republic.

**Why is RevWarIII justified?**  This.

**A solid piece by Pat Cadell**  Here’s the link.  It is a Fox link, so if I am still banned, here’s the URL: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2016/11/07/patrick-caddell-real-election-surprise-uprising-american-people.html