Lincoln Chafee

Chafee said the solution to the vitriolic rhetoric…is for people to stop paying for it, including not buying books from people who use such language.

Despite his apparant high-minded stance against rhetoric, the mental midget called Sarah acocky whacko“.

The Governor of Rhode Island is another of those who would be our Master.  Ann Coulter famously quipped in 2006 that They shot the wrong Lincoln.

The Governor has tasked his Lt. Governor with structuring the RI Healthcare system: [to] coordinate changes to the state’s healthcare system in accordance with federal mandates; help maximize the opportunities for federal funding to aid in implementing those mandates;

Another Politician conditioning the people of his State to suckle the teat of Nanny.

I would contend that the advertisers of talk radio will not pull their support of Rush & Company.  In fact, they’d pay more because the folks tuning into Right Radio want to hear the “vitrioloc rhetoric” and crave for more.

How about if folks stop buying RI Bonds everytime this guy advocates the folks in Rhode Island are entitled to the income of folks from other states, confiscated by the guns of the Federal Government?

How about if, after the Ruckus, we make every registered D in the republic sign a Loyalty Oath lest they be shipped over the northern or southern border of the country.  Why wait until the Ruckus? 



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