The natural order of Man is to be ruled.

America is the exception to the rule, and we are under more pressure today than even the King brought to bear.

Draw a circle around your feet and bring those you love into the circle.  Make them safe and free, by any means necessary.  If we all do our most instinctive duty, which it to take care of our own, eventually these circles of freedom and liberty will bump up against one another.

Plant your flag of Liberty and defend it.

Genuine tyrants will never choose to sit on their sofa and leave you alone.  Their useful idiots are another matter – they don’t have the same drive as the true tyrant.

True Tyrants understand only force.  You will end up having to kill a few if you intend to be free.

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  1. “The natural order of man is to be ruled.”

    To borrow a phrase from Last of the Mohicans:

    Brit officer- “You call yourself a patriot, and loyal subject of the crown?”

    Hero- “I don't call myself subject to much at all.”

    I can be killed, but I will not be ruled.

    I am free.

    I will resist.



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