How the Left is Shaping Gun Control…

We have C-Span radio here, and when I am forced out into the world on a Sunday, I get to listen to all of the Sunday news shows back-to-back on C-Span.

Candy Crowley tipped their hand with her line-up today.  Watch for the Left to make a probing run at fresh Gun Control legislation using the Mental Health angle.

They’ll ask for nasty semi-autos and extended mags to be banned, but they’ll settle for easing the rules for putting people on the Prohibited Persons lists, for surely rhetoric that calls for violence is a mental illness, and such people can not be trusted because of their impairment…

Count on it.



One thought on “How the Left is Shaping Gun Control…

  1. I think that ALL attempts must be resisted, no matter the rationale.

    We cannot allow for any tactical withdraws, no backing up, no compromising.

    Any backing up on this leaves the door wide open for future infringements. We can resist this now, with strong words and political action, or we can let our kids resist it down the road with bullets and martyrdom.

    I'm not passing the buck.

    I'm fighting.



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