A Question for our Lawyers…

What would it take to try something very aggressive, using our courts?

Today, the Left will sue or otherwise use the courts to attack Patriots and Liberty positions.

What legal criteria would need to be met to, say, sue SPLC or a Citizen such as Sarah Brady for anti-American behavior, or sedition, or to force a politician, say Ms. McCarthy, to defend that she did not break her oath of office in bringing legislation to the floor with the intent of infringing our Liberties?

Remember how they sued Gun Manufacturers? 

There must be some way we can use the legal system the same way they use it – even if we do not win, can we take the fight to them and force them to defend themselves, or at least spend their money on lawyers to have cases thrown out of court? 

Could 1,000 III Patriots file claims in local small claims courts or District Courts across the country against McCarthy, or against business entities, PAC’s, 527’s that advocate infringements?  In Maryland one does not need a lawyer to sue up to (I think) $15,000 – which means low fees on our end and force the bad guys to defend 1,000 brush fires…does this have any potential?



4 thoughts on “A Question for our Lawyers…

  1. I will put out feelers. I know a few non-scumbucket lawyers. Even the scumbucket ones may consider it if times are slow…

    This idea seems to have some merit. I don't know about the prospects of such a case being heard, or finding an affordable lawyer to run with it.

    But, what the hey, it's worth a shot. (Even though we're not exactly drowning in lawyers up here…)

    I'm game.

    I'll let you know what I find out.


  2. That's why I'm thinking of cases that we can bring as Citizens, without lawyers. If we could get a lawyer to give us a template, each of us could go to our local courthouse and file. Here in Maryland you are not required to have a lawyer for many cases that could be considered brushfires – but you have to know the basic rules and how to write a proper complaint, et cetera.

    I doubt a Maryland resident has Standing to sue a Congressman from another state.

    But, I can start a magazine manufacturing company for $100, then I might have Standing as the infringement is an impediment to business? I should have gone to law school…

    But if we can do anything that makes Them defend for a while, it's a win for us.



  3. The Judges will never allow it, at least not while they feel no “public” pressure. They are insulated within their cocoons of power, and will not wish to upset their masters.


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