Vote with your feet

How many of you folks have voted with your feet?  Have you moved the family to a State with a better environment for your beliefs?

My income is directly tied to being physically in the DC area, and I live in the deep, dark blue hole of the Maryland 8th.  I do have the option of moving to Northern Virginia, which is another universe in political terms, though Northern Virginia is trending hard to the Left because of the Political Class influence.  (I lived there when I was single)  I may move back to Virginia in the near future and leave the People’s Republic of Maryland to fester with themselves.

When I am able to retire, we are Alaska bound.  The politics could be harder, but the solitude, hunting, fishing are singing a siren song.

What about you?  



2 thoughts on “Vote with your feet

  1. I am. I have the land, the road is in(not a nice highway, but I don't want everybody up there), the well is in. I will make significant progress this year. I won't be going to Alaska because I won't leave my family, but I will be moving over the border into Idaho.


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