Just watched Chris Mathews opening segment, it was a bash Sarah festival.

Of the potential candidates who actually have a chance, I think she is the most Liberty minded.  Not perfect, but more like us than any of the others.

But here is my true hope:  I want Sarah to be President for one reason: I want to watch heads explode on the Left when she is elected.  I have not seen any potential player torque them off with such contempt and blind hatred, and I am including Ronald Reagan.  The Gipper took abuse, but not the same savage hatred Sarah gets.

I don’t care if she plays with Trig every day in the Oval Office and never does one bit of Presidential business, just watching the Left melt down over a President Palin would be very satisfying for me.



One thought on “Sarah

  1. I would like to see Todd Palin defend his wife's honor against Matthews. Not that it's really necessary, but seeing Matthews in the fetal position would be pretty rewarding.

    Oh jeez. Violent talk again. Shame on me.



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