Taking Names

Patriots, are you taking names?

Every threat that China poses to our republic is possible only because we have handed them the means.

Without our assistance, China would still be third world, unable to harm a single American.

Our Political Class, and in particular the Leftists among us, idolize the Chinese system.  They want to impose the Chinese system on us all, for it is more efficient than our innately problematic republic. 

Every American who has voted for Democrats or Establishment Republicans is a traitor, is helping set the chains upon your children, and they are not shunned or ostracized, much less put on trial.  One day, your child will work for or be killed by the whims of a Chinese dictator.

And we simply shake our heads as this tyrant is revered in the very House once occupied by Jefferson.

For those few who have the mettle to fight, it should be obvious that you will die alone as you rage against the machine.  I drove by the Capitol this afternoon.  There was a small crowd of protesters…against the repeal of Obamacare.

I see no real resistance to our course, indeed, there is an eagerness that offends.

For the very few Patriots who I know have the mettle to fight for the republic, I wonder if you have days when you simply don’t see any point.  When you see Hu eating in a room that most Americans will never be invited to enter, do you consider just walking away and letting it happen?  The III is nothing but a label, an ideal, for it is certainly not a percentage of Americans who will fight, or even raise their voice when Communists are in the White House. 

I think Chamberlain can at least be comforted by the fact that he was merely stupid.  Our Chamberlains are complicit.



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