Shift Your Paradigm

Today at we explore shifting our paradigms, the rules imposed upon us by others that we accept as immutable.

Consider: Why has no Patriot sent draft language of a Bill to their Tea Party Congressmen that would make it a crime in America to infringe 2A?  If McCarthy can simply write words on paper that will turn many millions of Americans into criminals, why are we playing defense instead of playing offense and making her actions a matter of debate on the floor of the House, with imprisonment as a potential outcome?

Try to infringe 2A, go to jail.  ATF will hunt YOU, rather than Olofoson.

Shift your paradigm, Patriots, or we will lose.



One thought on “ Shift Your Paradigm

  1. We already have a law that supposedly imprisons those who infringe upon the 2A.

    I understand the point of your article, but at some point, people need to be imprisoned rather than voted out of office.

    18 USC 241/242.

    The law is already on the books. Now it's just a matter of pressing the issue, which will (of course) be another necessary fail.

    I knew I should have gone to law school instead of joining the army.



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