Life is but a Collection of Moments

Every once in a while my lovely bride and I treat ourselves to our favorite dinner.  Living in Washington DC has many perks, and the number of authentic restaurants in our town that cook foods from around the world are probably only rivaled by New York and maybe Los Angeles.

Lamb Pasanda, served on a bed of rice with a side order of fresh naan bread – my friends, it is crack.  It is my favorite meal.  A great Rib Eye cooked on my grill comes close, and Maryland Blue Crabs round out the top three…

You owe it to your Significant Other to find a good India restaurant and order Lamb Pasanda.  If they do it right, you are in for a treat.  It should hit only 1-2 on the spice scale, so if you want a spicey dish, this isn’t it.  But it is full of flavors that I never dreamed should be in a single dish, and textures that work together like a well-done song.

Oh – I need a political hook.

OK – Olbermann is out at MSNBC – Now Celebrate!



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