Time for a new Vigilance Committee

American’s have recourse that falls between the voting booth and full-scale revolution. 

But, it takes Patriots who do more than talk.

Americans once took care of their problems when government could not, or would not, police their own.

Can you say: Vigilante?

Regulators: North Carolina’s colonial court met in Hillsborough. In 1768, the Regulators entered Hillsborough, broke up the court, and dragged those they saw as corrupt officials through the streets. The mob attempted to have the judge try the cases that were pending against several regulator leaders, including Husband. The presiding judge (Richard Henderson) quickly adjourned the court until the next morning to avoid being forced to make a ruling in the presence of an angry mob of regulators, and escaped in the night. The regulators rioted, destroying public and private property alike. Fanning was among the lawyers beaten, found after taking refuge in a shop neighboring the courthouse. According to judge Richard Henderson, Fanning’s beating was so severe that “one of his eyes was almost beaten out.” The courthouse was systematically and symbolically vandalized. Human waste was placed on the judges seat, and the body of a long deceased slave was placed upon the lawyers bar. The mob continued to destroy shops and property in the town, and ultimately brought their destruction to Fanning’s personal residence. After destroying all of the furniture and drinking all of his alcohol, the entire house was picked apart. Henderson’s barn, along with his stables and home were also burned to the ground. They cracked the church bell of the Church of England, but stopped short of looting the church further due to their religious beliefs.



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