Liberty of Contract

I just mentioned the Natural Law right to contract without interference from any State/Fed entity.  I received an email from Cato for this new book today.  Here’s the link.

I’m going to order a copy, and I’ll write up a review for you.

Arctic Patriot had to whack a few knuckles over at Cato recently for one of their contributors over 2A issues.  I hope the entire organization is not being infected.



One thought on “Liberty of Contract

  1. I hope they are not, either. Most of the people there seem to be on the right track, but for the Chairman of the Board to fold to “reasonable” liberty theft, well, that set me off. 😉

    If the book's decent, I might take a peek. I'm done with those who have shown themselves to be nothing more than liberty auctioneers, however. Done.



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