War on Po Po?

This story quotes a guy from the Police Union who says that cops feel as if there is a targeted War on Cops underway.  Yet, every incident in the story that results in Cops getting hurt is a result of the police initiating contact.  Except one – the guy who walked into the Cop Shop in Detroit and unloaded.

There may be a growing intolerance to being screwed with in the general public – guys who are tired of Po Po sticking their noses where they don’t belong.  So, instead of answering the nice Officer’s questions and taking the ticket/beating/arrest, some folks are snapping off rounds instead.

But, a War on Cops?  The evidence does not support this claim, which will obviously be used in future negotiations for more benefits for union members.

If it were a genuine War on Cops, it would be the Citizens initiating contact.



2 thoughts on “War on Po Po?

  1. I agree.
    A war on cops would involve offensive ops. Outside of limited, usually gang-related killings, it isn't happening.

    Sure, some cops get killed. So do non-cops who are innocent. Does that therefore mean there is a war on non-cops? Careful, police, words have meaning.

    If there was a “war on cops”, and citizens were initiating contact, we'd know it. There'd be no missing it.


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