I am curiously watching the growing noise from the Left for the Presidents birth certificate. 

In politics, nothing is ever as it seems.  There are always undercurrents and nuances.

Two considerations: Drudge reports that 10 States are in the process of legislating Proof of Citizenship laws, with a combined Electoral value of 107.  That’s a big deal, if Obama can’t prove Citizenship.  If only one state, like Arizona, passed the legislation, he could opt-out of their ballot process “on principle” and it wouldn’t matter to his campaign.  Afterall, Arizona is only worth 10, and he won without them in 2008.  But 107 across 10 States is a problem.

Second consideration: Could the D’s who are making noise now, many of whom are hardcore Left, know there is an issue with the birth certificate and decided that Obama has let them down, and they are laying the ground to throw him under the bus?

Now that would be a popcorn & soda event!

Whatever the reasoning, it is becoming interesting.



3 thoughts on “Birthers…

  1. You're right. This could get fun. I was never a hardcore “birther”, but never understood what the big deal was, why he didn't just produce it. I mean, I had to produce mine to work at a grocery store, the Army, a mine, and my current employer…

    It'll be fun to watch them rip themselves apart over this, if that's what's going on. Popcorn is on me, if anyone wants to come up here and watch from afar…


  2. The Left ignores anything that doesn't fit their approved version of “reality”, until it becomes important to them. I think you are correct, that the Far Left is upset enough with him to want to dispose of him, and might see that as being the most effective way. Although I am hoping it is a conservative push that has started the ball rolling in so many states, I'd be glad to have the Left join in on this.

    I simply hope those fools don't realize that a second four years in the White House would enable him to push every Far Left wet dream he has ever had as legislation or executive orders or CFRs, which he would probably do, since their would be no consideration of running for office again.

    I haven't really gotten involved in the “birther” movement, but I am a birther nonetheless. As a friend said,”If Obama had a valid birth certificate, don't you think that he'd show it just to score points and discredit the doubters?”

    He'd love to rub our noses in it, but he hasn't, and I firmly believe it is because he cannot.

    If he had someone fake one for him, the risk is too high that it would be discovered. There is nothing illegal in acquiring a Certificate of Live Birth in Hawaii. A fake would indeed be illegal. The document would be closely examined, and its provenance would be researched thoroughly.

    The penalty for not being able to prove eligibility for the next election would not be as severe as being proven to have created a fake certificate. That could conceivably make him the first President to do time in prison. I'd buy his cellmate a _case_ of cigarettes if that happened, along with as many condoms as he thought he could use.


  3. Thank You, that put a smile on my face. Obumer under the bus.

    He'd love to rub our noses in it, but he hasn't, and I firmly believe it is because he cannot. Rodger Wilco he would NOT miss a opportunity like THAT.



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