Religion of Peace…

Stoned to death with her lover: Horrific video of execution of girl, 19, killed by Afghan Taliban for running away from arranged marriage.

BBC has video:

This is why we have our military men and women dying?

Turn the lights, water and sewers off, and bring our guys home.  Let them claw back to the basics of civilization for 100 years or so…then turn the lights, water and sewers off again.

All men are not equal.  Some bi-peds are hardly human.  They are a disease upon humanity.



2 thoughts on “Religion of Peace…

  1. Damn straight.

    A “god” who tolerates, commands, or condones such behavior is worthy not of worship, but of mockery and derision. Ditto with his homicidal pedophile prophet mohammed (cursed be his name).

    Defying such a “god”, even if it leads to “eternal damnation”, is the duty and obligation of every human claiming to be moral.

    I almost wish such a god was real, so that before I go to hell, I would have the chance to spit in his face.

    Resist. Even if it's a so-called “god”.



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