Judicial Review…or what?

The judge said he didn’t believe an injunction to stop the health overhaul was appropriate, because it is generally understood that the executive branch will obey a federal court. The government, however, doesn’t believe the ruling requires it to stop implementing the overhaul.

What happens if you or I don’t believe a ruling from a Federal Judge means anything?

They’ll try to kill us.

Our we write a new chapter for America…



One thought on “Judicial Review…or what?

  1. Expletive. Expletive, Expletive, Expletive.

    More crude and shocking expletives.

    I know it's true and already established, but it continues to shock me when an official flat out flips the bird to every principle this nation was founded on.

    They truly “don't care”, as in “are you serious???”

    If a court found a certain firearms law to be valid, and I disregarded it and did as I pleased, you're right, I'd be arrested, killed if I defended myself.

    I'll be sending you my 1-3 paragraphs to be delivered to Congress, and soon, Sam. And I won't be hiding behind a screen name either.

    I want these bastards to know exactly who I am.

    For all you folks who say a blatant breach of the Constitution is your line in the sand, well, what do you consider this?

    Vulgar and shocking expletives. This government proves itself worthy of resistance every day. Literally. Every day.




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