72 Hours

UPDATE: Denninger – Click Here

Egypt is an outstanding primer on what is possible here when It happens.

I have cautioned since my earliest pieces that FreeFor can not permit the Ruckus to drag on without end.  Every advantage is held by OpFor.  Time is their ally, not on the side of Liberty.

Look now to Egypt.  The public uprising was initially a clean, pure emotional demand for more freedom and a change of direction.  (You must remember that Liberty does not mean the same thing to the Arab or Egyption as it means to the guys at the gun club).  They managed to make their point, and quickly had the Establishment over a barrel.

But it did not take long (5 days or so) for organized special interests to get into the mix and change the nature of the struggle.  Today it is factions of the Muslim Brotherhood who are throwing stones at other protesters, instigating for an Islamic power grab, and busloads of pro-Mubarek supporters bussed in to throw more stones.

In our country, you’d simply replace Muslim Brotherhood/Pro-Government with SEIU t-shirts.

There is no such thing as a successful, prolonged military operation.

Get in, get it done, didi.  72 hours.

When you leave the door open, riff-raff finds a way in…



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