I can not find words…

Folks, the lead over at Drudge is about how our Administration traded British nuclear secrets for the START Treaty.

That is simply unconscionable. 

That American elected officials would trade life and death secrets of an ally, a democratic nation, to Communist Tyrants is an offense that should immediately invoke Impeachment proceedings. 

I have no disillusions about the Brits and that they are even further from Liberty than are we…but they are not Communist Tyrants.  Our blood is their blood.

If our Administration would make it easier for Communist Tyrants to kill millions of our allies in a nuclear conflict, what do you think these same Administration officials would do to you and me?

Do you understand, yet?

There are enemies among us.  Not political adversaries.  Enemies.



2 thoughts on “I can not find words…

  1. Obama is in bed with the top evil dictators. He is their puppet. The Start Treaty is outrageous!

    “We The People” are being assaulted daily, our nation is failing due to the shadow gov't and their puppet Obama.

    Yes it is time for Patriots to rise from these ashes and take this country back.

    There is no more time for debate. Our time has come.

    The Communists Marxists have infiltrated every aspect of American Society. Media, Colleges,Banking Institutions, all branches of our treasonous Government, all branches of our Military.

    Yes it is time to Lock and Load.


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