I have serious respect for Kirby Ferris and the entire crew at JPFO.

Here is their latest: Good Cops & Bad Cops.

I have a serious problem with OathKeepers that I have not yet resolved, particularly: It is well and good to promise not to obey orders to infringe 2A in dire future circumstances.  But what about today?  Do OathKeepers on the job today enforce 2A laws that are on the books?  If so, I simply can’t buy into their promise of the future.

I’ve asked Mr. Rhodes, and received no answer.  I’ve asked JPFO to pose the same question.  We’ll see how it goes.



4 thoughts on “JPFO

  1. I share your questions, and likewise have received no response from OK.

    It's like my LEO (airport police) friend who swears he won't violate citizens' rights as he herds them towards TSA 4th Amendment free zones…



  2. As a former cop myself, my problem goes even beyond that. Cops that will stand by when other cops abuse citizens and say nothing, do nothing are cops that _will_ stand by when someone comes to take your guns. Even if they won't do it themselves, they will not act to stop it. If they won't speak out against the horrible abuse we see with greater and greater frequency these days (they know there are no consequences for them anymore), can you really believe they will take the high road if and when the government decides to confiscate personal firearms?

    I would so much like to believe the Oath Keepers will do what they claim they will do. But we have no real way to truly judge the value of a man's words other than by his actions. I will commend any cop who has the balls to take a stand against abuse and unConstitutional laws. A few have. I will not respect or honor those who merely “vote 'present'”.


  3. I have never seen a news report about a cop refusing to enforce 2A. I'm sure it has happened – but what happens to these cops? Are they blacklisted and fired? I can see how the MSM would want to downplay such a story.



  4. Sam,

    Those of us who have refused to enforce them often do it quietly. I have let a number of people go with a warning to be careful. The only time I arrested was when I had a partner I couldn't trust, as it was a felony to ignore a felony in CA. We did not have discretion to ignore a felony.

    I only had to do it twice, but the second time was the last arrest I made as a police officer. I quit shortly thereafter. It was a young guy who didn't know the sawn-off 410 ga shotgun in his pistol holster was illegal. I had a partner that day who would have fanged me in a heartbeat. I was never called to trial, so I hope the prosecutor just dropped it, as opposed to some kind of plea bargain.


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