Idaho to Nullify GCA ’68

Codrea has this story that the GOP in Idaho’s State Legislature is seeking to nullify GCA ’68.

This is a big political move, and very bold of Idaho.

TL Davis also has a column today about Nullification.

The system matters, and it can work.  Sure, there will be setbacks, but at least people are trying to use the system from our side, instead of simply compromising and losing half of whatever we happen to have left.

Good for those in Idaho, and good for David for bringing the story to our attention.



2 thoughts on “Idaho to Nullify GCA ’68

  1. I'm glad a state finally breach that line. Hopefully it will motivate other states like Montana did w/ their Firearm Freedom Act.

    I live in Texas and wish it would live up to it's former name and shine like a Republic should. I have jammed up state reps and others about issues like this. Alll I get are the CYA answer so they can keep milking the teat.


  2. And if the Idaho Republicans refuse to incorporate it into their platform, then Idaho's citizens will know who to throw out in the next election cycle.


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