Gun Control & Abortion Rights – Same-same for the Lefty…

Gun Control advocates cite 30,000 – 40,000 firearms deaths per year (suicide, homicide, accidental combined) as the reason we must have strict gun control, in spite of an explicit Constitutional Right.  Hawaii is currently looking to ban all toy guns for kids:

At 40,000 deaths by firearms per year that works out to about 110 per day.

These same idiots who would be our Masters find a Constitutional Right to abort babies.  I don’t care where you stand morally on the issue of abortion, the intellectually honest position is that abortion kills babies.

How many babies per day in America are aborted?  3,700.  (About 1.35 million/year)

How any human being can advocate for the prevention of deaths (110 per day) by stripping a Constitutional Right, while inventing from thin air a Constitutional Right to murder defenseless babies (3,700 per day) is simply beyond logical reconciliation.  There is no consistancy of logic between the two positions.

The reality is the most obvious and blatant answer: It is not about the death of babies or about death by firearms.  It is about control.  It is about being a Master.

There is another obvious fact revealed in these numbers and topics: What kind of armed nation tolerates the willful infanticide of 1.35 million of its most defenseless Citizens each year, yet claims itself moral?

No immoral people deserve Liberty, nor can they keep it. 

Modern Liberalism can not coexist with Liberty. 

Once we understand that fundamental issue, we can move forward with a solution and a clear conscience.

If we are outnumbered by the immoral, we must either choose to yield, or we must rid ourselves of our unworthy Countrymen.



One thought on “Gun Control & Abortion Rights – Same-same for the Lefty…

  1. Speaking of the progressive (who would cleanse the earth of anyone disagreeing with _his_ agenda) and paraphrasing Shakespeare, “Will no one rid me of this meddlesome prick!”

    Perhaps it should apply to Marxist community organizers as well.


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