Biden argues for High Speed Trains

High Speed Rail is the project the Left is pushing.

How 20th Century.

Technology is taking us into the air in personal car/VTOL vehicles, that is our future and it is closer than most people think.  With electronics available in the very near future, and maybe even today, such a machine will not require pilots or drivers, just a suite of electronics that will take you from your driveway to your destination.

While I have no use for Government spending on research beyond legitimate Defense, I’d prefer our Politicians at least look forward rather than backward.  And if we get Government regulations out of the way, companies like Moller (the SkyCar pictured above) could be brought to market and made affordable quickly.  Imagine the revolution for our economy as the new technology goes mainstream.  Imagine the time saved for commuters who now spend hours each day sitting in traffic.  Consider throwing a duffle bag into the trunk and getting from DC to prime hunting in the Maine woods in 90 minutes.

That’s the American innovation we need to work toward.

Not high-speed cattle cars.



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