Denninger explains the truth we all know…

Most boys learn early on that if Mom is going to count to three, then numbers 1 & 2 are free. 

Most boys also learn early in school that a threat is useless, void of merit, if it is not believed and not executed.  Bullies are notorious for calling smaller boys on their threats.  The bully isn’t afraid to swing.  If the scrawny kid swings back, he earns respect.  He may still get the snot stomped out of himself, but he can take the whoopin’ with a bit of dignity.

But if he threatens to punch the bully back, then fails to live up to the threat…it’s over.

Karl Denninger spells out the reason why Government in Washington (and to a lesser extent, State and Local) does not waste any energy taking We the People seriously: Because they understand that we will not swing.

Denninger: The effectiveness of protest only extends as far as does the implied threat of violence.

Imply violence in America, you will get stomped by the Stack.  Initiate violence, and you will die.

That leaves us with protests…that mean nothing to our Masters.



One thought on “Denninger explains the truth we all know…

  1. Just because the threat of violence is not vocalized don't mean that it is not there.

    Been There, Done That and got the achs and pains that go with surviving compleation of these threats both Vocalized and not.

    Imade acoment somewhere about how this country has a population of around 320 odd million, if there is only one persent of that population that are willing to take up arms in defence of the Constitution that would be 3 million plus. Even if theree is only 1/2 persent of these same Patriots it would still be a Force that could change the Future of this Country.



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