Montana Militia

Montana has the Left kicking and screaming.  A Montana Legislator named Wendy Warburton has proposed an official State Militia.

Here’s an article whining about it.

Good for Ms. Warburton, and the State of Montana if they get it done.  She even anticipates letting the Militia play with big-boy toys, if I am reading between the lines properly.



3 thoughts on “Montana Militia

  1. Wendy Warburton isn't the only person to support this. Gary Marbut, the head of Montana Shooting Sports Association, which has been responsible for the passage of much of the good gun legislation in Montana, sponsored (authored, too I believe) legislation creating a Home Guard answerable only to the Governor.( As he is not a legislator, perhaps Ms. Warburton is who is pushing his proposal through the state's legislative process.)

    As I am not (yet, anyway 🙂 a legal resident of Montana, I don't have a dog in the fight. But having heard Gary Marbut speak on this legislation, I know it to be a sound and Constitutional idea whose time has come. Since the Federal gov't has wrested control of the National Guard from the states, using them inappropriately overseas, rather than within our borders, a Home Guard which is required to remain within the state is a good idea.

    I asked Gary if the Guard could also be used to confront and stop Federal law enforcement enchroachment within the state's borders – as in an attempt by the Feds to counter or arrest pursuant to our Firearms Freedom Act, for example – and he answered that it could indeed, if tasked by the Governor to do so.


  2. Gary Marbut is a serious Patriot who believes in action. When the History of Restoration is written, he should earn a significant chapter. His work of FFA alone is a feat beyond most men.



  3. I followed the whinny article link to the comments and these “people” don't know the difference between a State Guard and the National Guard……… IDIOTS!!!!

    Much less what a Militia is…. IDIOTS!!!
    (please excuse my outbreak) but,,,,,IDIOTS!!!!!



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