I may be late to this party – I was very surprised to hear Rush today endorsing PATRIOT Act.

Heritage says not re-enacting would be irresponsible.

Michelle Bachman voted FOR it.

Watch what they do, not what they say.

There are fewer real Patriots than any of us think…



2 thoughts on “PATRIOT Act

  1. It sure sucks when my extreme pessimism is correct.

    The Tea and Crumpets party can take its place against the wall along with the Jackass party and the Dead Elephants.

    Hate is not too strong of a word. I despise blatant liberals, but they're somewhat honest about their plans. I hate hypocrite traitors like Bachman, who ride the popularity wave, and then throw us out into the riptide.


    And I still say the Tea and Crumpets Party is useless.


  2. Yea, and my congress-critter Blake Farenholt voted for it also. Of course I made another call to the Varmint and told the poor girl(staffer)that, That was NOT what Mr.Farenholt was sent to the District of Corruption to do. And that he would have a chance to change his vote when it came around again, and that I would be watching and informing all in the 27Th.District Texas.



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