Rectitude & Ruckus

The painting is Memento Mori.  The translation is Remember you must die.  A Memento Mori is literally a reminder of death – a thing that helps keep the fact that you must die in the fore of your mind, so that you can choose to take the proper decisions when confronted with challenges.  The flower will wither and die.  The skull is obvious.  The sand will pass through the hourglass.

I wrote two columns at today. The first is on Rectitude, doing the right thing.  We could use more of that.  Without more people giving real weight to a proper moral compass, it will not do us a bit of good to wrestle our Liberty back from our Masters – because an immoral People can not maintain Liberty.

The second is a fresh look at the Ruckus.  We need an …or else… in our book to Congress.  Why would they care about a book demanding our Liberties?  A book is simply more pages to be ignored, just like the Constitution.

But if we demand our Liberties back, or else…

Now we have their attention.

It is not without risk.  But, life is not without risks.  Liberty is not deserved if we are not willing to risk for it.  We are lucky in our generation – we rarely have to defend our wives and children from lions and tigers and bears, oh my.  (Arctic Patriot may be an exception to that, he lives in Grizzly Country!)  The animals in our food chain that pose threats to us in our generation wear black robes and wear suits in elected offices.

Let’s defend our families.



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