Marx v. Jefferson – Choose your side

TL Davis has a typically outstanding column this evening entitled the Criminalization of Politics.

Something that is difficult for many of us is to put current events into proper historical perspective.  Most of us tend to look at the world as if everything started on the day we were born.

What is happening in Wisconsin today has happened before in our history, more than once. The Alien & Sedition Act was today on steroids.  Lincoln’s actions would have made Adams blush.

From TL: Is this the sanctioned approach to politics now? Gangs? Thugs? We don’t like a law we threaten to kill the governor? We pretend that there is a connection to Hitler and just do what? What are they proposing? Is the president complicit in these threats by backing those groups making the threats? Should we break some legs to get our political will done?

The answer is, yes.

Progressivism is literally killing Americans and making paupers and criminals of millions more.  It is time that we defend ourselves, by any means necessary.

The political divide between us today is no longer reconcilable.  The chasm between us is that immense space between Marx and Jefferson.  There is no meeting in the middle.  There is no moderated settlement.  The only solution is the political death of one group or the other.

We are spooling up, Right Now.  The sooner we get to the mechanics of winning, the better for everyone, winners and losers.  One group or the other must be run from the country.

There is no other way for this story to end. 



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