There are certain folks in the Patriot Movement who thrive on strife among Patriots.  When there is no legitimate beef, they make it up.  Yes, they lie. 

Rather than focus on the hundreds of millions of enemies of Liberty, some folks are simply hardwired to keep natural allies fussing with one another.  Ask yourself why?

I have actually been accused recently, in public, of advocating violence – now!

I think anyone who actually reads what I write in my columns and post here on the blog understands just how stupid such a claim to be.  But it serves their purpose to lie and attempt to cause strife.

Why on Earth would I announce that I would follow Benjamin Franklin’s lead and go to Congress, take the time to write a book, and put such a massive bullseye on my own arse if I were advocating violence and ready to single-handedly start a Ruckus?

Yet even more amazing to me is that so many people have their heads so far immersed in arse, they can’t be bothered to ask the question every 2 year old knows is the fundamental truth of Nature: Why?



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