The Left has won

Hi folks.

I’m working on the book.  95% of the content is set, still waiting for 2-3 submissions.  I like the layout – it is unconventional, but easy for our Masters to follow without commiting too much time & energy.

I posted a column over at – don’t bother reading if you are a rah-rah Patriot who doesn’t understand that the Right is headed for a defeat and slaughter.

Somewhere through the years the blood of our founding generation was diluted with that of Marx and punks.



8 thoughts on “The Left has won

  1. Now that I have read your posting
    @ Kerodin III, I have this to comment.

    when I was a young boy I was tought not to get into a fight for no good reason. but when you get in a fight, fight to win, and if you go into a fight thinking how bad your gonna lose then ya should have stayed home.

    Now I have some else to say and you can contest all you want don't matter to me.

    I am not staying home.


    I can understand doubt, but I REFUSE to surrender before the SHTF ……….


  2. Read your piece, “Face the Truth”, and offer a few thoughts. Certainly place in the “FWIW” file.

    Leadership is not effective when all it does is berate and cajole. Leadership is not the act of 'driving' men/women before you as you verbally whip them.

    Rather, “leadership”, the kind that inspires people to go the extra mile or place themselves in front of you when you're about to be shot, are those things that pull people along with you. That's where example comes in. Saying, 'follow me!' is a lot more effective than, 'None of you have the balls to do what it takes' which is basically what your piece said, especially when you tell your reading audience to 'blow your master'.

    I saw a lot of leaders in my time in the military, and the ones who dealt with people who were under their charge like you didn't last very long. But, as you say, you're not a leader per se, you're just a blogger.

    Let's cut to the chase: You have put yourself into a defacto leadership position with the advent of the III 527 and your web site, which always seems to extol the virtues you find important, which is to berate others rather than demonstrate your example and encouragement for others to reach the next rung in preparation or activity.

    Since you have put yourself there, if you decide you want to be effective you might want to ratchet down the brow beating and insulting of your readership. And no, I'm not saying you should kiss anyone's ass. Be firm in your resolve, be consistent, but understand that if you are attempting to bring others up to a higher standard, “buy in” and the extra-effort necessary cannot be had by verbally whipping your allies.

    Again, my purpose is not to knock you, but to call out your style of leadership. You may wish to consider re-evaluating what you've been doing.

    Lastly, if you don't wish to publish this comment, I'm fine with that, because my purpose is to call your attention to something, not embarass or belittle you.

    If you wish to further discuss, ask CA.


  3. Dennis: I agree, fight when there is a reason.

    Some folks drawn the line at: I'll fight when they swing -or- I'll fight when they come over the threshold.

    That's not the fight they are bringing.

    Few people have noticed that, yet. I'll expand on this in today's column.

    Thanks for taking the time to respond.



  4. Doc,

    Discussing Leadership is a strawman – it is not a position I claim, want, will accept.

    Just because I have a blog, write a column, write a book, file a few papers to start an organization (a legally prudent move given my intent) does not make me a Leader – it simply means I am taking action of some sort.

    I have no people in my charge. You are choosing to base your argument on something that does not exist. Never, once, have you or anyone else noted that I sign off as a “Leader” of anyone. I have never asked Patriots to meet me anywhere. I have never asked for a dime. I have a full time job running my own Destiny, I can't be bothered trying to run anyone else's.

    I'll take you at your word that you do not intend to embarass or belittle, and I offer the same courtesy to you. I will say that you mistake a simple assessment of reality (my column) for a motivational piece.

    For every Patriot waiting in his living room for a Stack to kick in the door for a fight, tens of thousands of Patriots have already been beaten, for the will to engage has been sapped, and OpFor has no intention or need to kick in most doors. They've won without fighting, as Sun Tzu would say.

    My piece was not to motivate anyone. I simply pointed out reality as it exists today.

    Most people won't like it, because it does not fit with their Audie Murphy self-image.

    I'll leave “Leadership” to others. I prefer to deal in Reality.

    Thank you for taking the time to consider and write.



  5. AP:

    One big necessary fail, as we have discussed.

    For those very few who have the mettle to truly use the label III, we are fewer in quantity and percentage than in our Founding Generation.

    The proof is all around us, if folks simply watch without the filters they use to soothe their Ego.

    Like you I will never stop swinging, and I will Resist until I am dead.

    But I know I'll die alone, without another Patriot in my Zip Code.

    It is what it is…

    Thanks for commenting.



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