Let’s wander the wonderful world of hypotheticals…

First, I want to throw something out there that has zero bearing on any discussion, including the one to follow.  It’s just a lack of common sense and a bit of deliberate spin offered by the Left for a calculated gain:  Rape is not a crime of Sex.  It is a crime of power, dominance and violation.

Fail.  Rape is about sex.  If there is no sex, there is no rape.  Simple.  Just one more example of how the Left corrupts common sense for an agenda.

OK – back to our regularly scheduled program:

Tonight I request that you each examine your internal moral compass.  We all draw the line a bit differently in regards to CV and what constitutites a viable target.  We had interesting poll results as I was posting polls on the topic for book research,

There are many variable on the topic.  Not only in who is guilty of aiding the enemies of Liberty, but also the degree of penalty they have earned.  So, let your mind start wiking through the mechanics of who is culpable, and to what degree they deserve reprimand.

Then I’d like you to devote a bit of mental juice to finacing your operations.  If you decide to start operating in your AO, how will you finance your ops?  What is justified in generating cashflow to buy that ghillie suit, or that Gen III Goggle, or that Cell Jammer. 

No need to post, and if you choose to post, please use discretion. 



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