Montana State House

House Minority Leader Jon Sesso stood in the House Chamber, exasperated. He peppered Republicans with questions: “Who decides if the federal government is acting unconstitutionally?”
“Who among us is making these determinations that our freedoms are being lost?” he asked, an incredulous expression on his face as he eyed the Republican side of the chamber.
Republican Rep. Cleve Loney rose. A man of few words, the tea party organizer replied: “I don’t intend us to secede from the union. But I will tell you it is up to us. We are the people to decide.”

My friends: Montana State Representative Cleve Loney gets it.  Here is his email:

Montana would be perfect if they had an ocean…

Here is the entire story:



One thought on “Montana

  1. The Governor is declaring the rhetoric of the Tea Party representatives and Senators as “crazy”. He is talking about vetoing legislation brought in defense of liberty and state sovereignty. He claims Montana doesn't have the right to nullify bad Federal law, but says nothing about Obama unilaterally declaring the Defense of Marriage Act unConstitutional and refusing to enforce it. In spite of the fact that Clinton signed it into law over ten years ago.

    In spite of his “courage” about staring down the Feds on the wolf issue, now he is backing down, toning down _his_ rhetoric. Here in the Bitterroot Valley, wolves are a problem, and the ranchers aren't going to be happy if the Governor goers back on his word that he will ignore the Feds on this issue.


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