Impeachment Now!

The time to flex this Constitutional muscle is at hand.

Forget elected officials, for now.  Instead, target a Bureaucrat with obvious Oath issues and let’s bounce him to the curb using the Impeachment tool rather than typical reprimands like Hearings and indictments.

Let’s set the precedent, then aim higher and higher with every new target.

Column is here.



5 thoughts on “ Impeachment Now!

  1. I like the idea and it is starting to get fleshed out nicely in part 2, but I don't know how to go about it after ID-ing a good target. Doesn't it take an insider such as a State's Attorney to get something like this moving and kept moving all the way to conclusion? How does a simple small-business-owning citizen make this happen? I see the Ruling Class merely circling the wagons and refusing to budge until the troublemaker is ruined.


  2. Anon: Once we identify a proper target, the process is straightforward.

    We need to draft Articles of Impeachment. That is also straightforward. The Articles need to establish the Target, list his wrongs, and demand the action of Impeachment.

    Then we must build support, just like any other political action, such as a petition drive.

    The Articles need to be handed to several Representatives to try and convince one of them to move forward, since any Impeachment must come from our lower House.

    If we impress upon an Issa that this is a politically good move, he may bite…



  3. Anon: Your State may indeed have Impeachment procedures that may be exercised to bring your local politicians to heel. Or maybe a recall mechanism? I think any such efforts on the State/Local level would be outstanding.

    But on the Federal level, the House must bring the action. Of course, as with quite a bit of what passes the House, the original draft of a law or Impeachment Articles may come from a non-Member. Looby Groups write legislation all the time, then try to find the Member who will adopt it and make it his own.



  4. Local might even be easier to pull off to set a precedent before going national, not that the rule of law will carry the day anymore. Pick a target at, say, the county level and go from there. The defense shouldn't be as sophisticated as what you'll find in D.C.


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