April 19: The Original III

The world is different today.  When the British decided to hunt for John Hancock & Sam Adams they had to march.  It was noisey and slow.  Today we will not know if Patriots have been targeted until after the first wave.  Places like WRSA, AP, Cliffs and Guardians will simply go dark, alerting the rest of us that Big Uncle has moved on the front line of the Movement.

Indeed: 800,000 badges & guns in America, working in teams of even 8 can move on 100,000 Patriots from coast to coast without calling in backup from .mil or other manpower resources.

100,000 Patriots being taken out of action in one day would, likely, shut down any serious resistance.  Such a night of action would include Outlaws and folks who throw sets, and other independant, self-motivated folks.  The American gene pool would lose a LOT of testosterone in one push.

Such a night may not happen.  Only a fool would dismiss the possibility.

As we stand today, we are voting ourselves into absolute slavery.  There may never be a need for a massive push against the Liberty Movement.

One thing is certain: If Patriots refuse to stand and live up to the deeds of our Founders, the enemies of Liberty have nothing to worry about.

If you were to meet John Parker, what excuse would you offer? 

I have none.

Perhaps true Liberty was never meant to endure more than a few generations.



4 thoughts on “April 19: The Original III

  1. Well, that was grim. But no math on the days take on 'Badges'. And I don't think Cpt. Parker would have told his men that they should just lay down because freedom wouldn't last more than a couple hundred years. You fight for now, for your children.

    Yes, everyone dies, you me, everyone. Or as I have heard said “no one gets out of this life alive.” But I would like to think that 4 or 5 of the eight (these are not swaties, and haven't worked this way before) would not be available for duty the next day. Take out 40 or 50 percent of the 'badges' in one night and see how effective 'they' are.

    You really do have to plan to win. As opposed to planning to f……

    My screen name on varoius sites is 'vetus' and I do not use the accounts listed here, so anon it is.


  2. Would the Bad Guys really be able to pull off such a raid without the Patriots finding out in advance? Yes, “Law Enforcement” will spit on their oath with impunity. But an operation of that magnitude requires coordination and time. If it looks suspicious, act! Ain't that what they're telling us?


  3. Mark: There would certainly be some chatter – but would we be able to connect the dots in time? The ground troops would be told they are doing God's Work, chasing down “Domestic Terrorists” and such.

    There are many weak spots, to be sure. A large number of the participants have never worked the street or a raid. As Vetus points out, there would be losses on their side, and Day Two would find many LEO choosing to stay home.

    But the damage will have been done. The guys pulling the strings at the top don't really care if their side loses people, so long as they arrest or take out a significant percentage of the Targets.

    For OpFor, it will be as much a PsyOp as an Op with tangible results.

    Keep your head on a swivel.



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