Oil is Gold – Send in the Troops

We all intuitively know that but for oil there would not be one single American military death in the Middle East.

Once in a while, the truth becomes documented, as here in this story.

Where is the outrage?  Why are the Heads of State and Big Oil not cowering beneath their desks, hiding from Patriots and angry mothers with blood in their eyes?  Why isn’t the next guy who has to pay $5 for a gallon of gasoline not driving to join in the melee?

Why such apathy?

The answer is pathetic: We are still too comfortable to give a damn. 

It is that simple.

Until there is widespread collapse, everyone will tolerate the abuse.

Then, it’ll be too late to ever recover our current standard of living. 



3 thoughts on “Oil is Gold – Send in the Troops

  1. Yes, you are right. It will not happen until we have nothing left to lose. They will burn us out of our homes, harass and kill our loved ones. When they have taken everything, there will be two kinds of Americans left. The ones that are cowed and beat down…and the ones that do not have anything left to live for, except to bring the bastards down, and they will die to get it done. If you read history you have seen the scenario over and over again. It amazes me, humans are so intelligent in so many ways and so profoundly stupid in others.


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