Stupid Laws & Enforcers

Slavish adherance to Law is to subjugate humanity and common sense. 

When one hears He broke the law as justification for whatever penalty is to be distributed, you are in the presence of an idiot or a Tyrant.

Law should serve people.  People should always exercise judgment.  Our Founders knew this, thus Jury & State Nullification.

Mens Rea is a guilty mind.  Otherwise stated, one must have criminal intent to be guilty of a crime.  The oft-heard Ignorance of the law is no excuse is a corrupt premise.  Mens Rea is dead in America.

When we permit common sense to be excluded from our society, we are losing our way.  When our Citizens, like the LEO who claimed in this case and many others in history, offer as excuse that I had no choice, it is the law or I was simply following orders, then as a People we are nearly at an end of our usefulness to Nature.

In this case, the 16 year-old boy made a driving mistake, and his mother died inches from him as a result.

Any system or person that would charge him with a crime is corrupt to its very core.

There was a time when Americans ignored stupid laws.  If we are ever again to be an America worth saving, we’d better start ignoring them again.  Then we can work on the problem of Citizens who pass stupid laws in the first place.

The story is here.



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