You. Act!

Diffusion of Responsibility:occurs when observers all assume that someone else is going to intervene and so each individual feels less responsible and refrains from doing anything

Diffusion of responsibility can manifest itself:

  • (a) in a group of people who, through action or inaction, allow events to occur which they would never allow if they were alone.
  • (b) in hierarchical organizations, such as when underlings claim that they were just following orders and supervisors claim that they were just issuing directives and not doing the deeds.

Sound familiar, Patriots?

If the enemies of Liberty claim protection under (b), are we not guilty of (a)?

This fight of Restoration will never have a chance unless we break from the comfort of our paradigm and stop waiting for others to do the work that is ours. 

That does not mean you Fail if you do not grab your kit and launch Search & Destroy missions.

It means that your AO is your responsibility, and you are solely responsible for fighting the enemies of Liberty in your AO.  Whether you fight them with their own bureaucratic methods, or lawsuits, or rhetoric, or you throw yourself into the melee of politics, or you start a modern one-man Chapter of the Sons of Liberty, the point is simple: You must act.  Do not wait for your neighbor.  Do not look left or right for others. 



Do not ask “Well, what have you done for the Movement…”

That is a false argument.

You.  Act. 

Let everyone else do what they think is best.

Isn’t that the premise for which we are fighting, anyway?  The Liberty to act in accordance with our own conscience, on our own timeline, without the scrutiny, approval or judgment of others?

John Parker is in your mirror.

Or not.



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