Kent discusses the Power of the State and your Right to Self Defense, here.

Be certain to read this embedded link, as well. 

The penalty is always death…



3 thoughts on “Kent

  1. I agree, but based on his comments on my most recent MHG article, I wonder how far he would take the concept.

    To me, “ending the threat” is the only way to ensure the threat is gone. Sometimes, you must attack to defend. Thinking that we must wait until the last moment, when the enemy all but owns the fight, to act is good and nice and all, but really a bit too late.

    When the stack is in your door, well, it's too late. Go down swinging, by all means, but you will die on their terms.

    If things are that bad, meet your end on your terms.

    Otherwise, don't resist.



  2. This is one of those areas where I agree with the premise of the Bush Doctrine: Pre-emptive self defense is not only effective, but prudent.

    Waiting only lets the enemy get the best position he can manage, reducing your chances. Me, if I know I'm going to have to defend my life, I'm probably going to do everything in my power to get the best tactical position and hit first.


    With a Chevy.



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