Reality Check

The frame of reference for a Citizen who rarely contemplates matters of Liberty is simply too far removed from our reality to reach before SHTF.  They speak another language, they live in a different world…a world that is not rooted in reality.

Chicken is born on a styrofoam plate wrapped in plastic.  Consuming 3,000 calories or more each day costs fewer than $10.  Games such as beach volleyball are played without ever feeling the hot sand underfoot because the digital 1’s & 0’s have not yet found a way to mimic the experience in the family room.

If you are a Patriot and seek Restoration, you must understand how alone you are in this America. 

Accept it.  Embrace it. 

You are alone, spinning on a rock through space, accompanied by many Countrymen who simply do not care about your ideals and talk of Liberty.

The column is here.



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