IMF: Age of America is Over

The IMF declares that China’s economy will surpass the US in 2016, here.

As anyone in business knows, he with the dollars calls the shots.

Perhaps soon that saying will need modification: He with the yuan

Reality is different, however.  The reality is that these measures of who’s biggest, who is the most powerful are artifical constructs premised soley upon the performance of fiat currencies, fake assets with zero inherent value.  Fiat currencies are Monopoly money, they can be gamed.  Of course, this is exactly why the economies of the world are in trouble now.

The dollar and the yuan are only as valuable (and open to manipulation) as the value placed in them by people.  The moment you no longer accept dollars or yuan in exchange for your labor, the paper loses its power.

Today at my local grocery store a family-sized breakfast pastry is $6.  A year ago it was $4.50 or so.  A gallon of orange juice is nearly $6.

Has your revenue stream (your salary) increased at the same rate as the cost of living?  Of course not.  People who play games with the value of the dollars in your pocket are stealing from you, without ever laying a rough hand upon your wallet.

There is danger, of course.  Too often perception becomes reality.  If enough people buy into the concept that China is the powerhouse of the world, for long enough, they will begin to accept it as a fact.  The reality is that China returns to famines the moment Americans stop buying their widgets.  This reality will obtain until America has truly been drained of our wealth (not our dollars) and China converts that wealth into genuine power.

That is what is happening from Washington and elsewhere.

America has enemies, foreign and domestic.

The only people in the world who want America to remain the most wealthy and powerful Tribe in the world are you and me.  Most of our Countrymen suffer from Leftist-imposed guilt and fallacies about how we have wronged the entire world and need to compensate.

Your enemies are American, before looking to the other People’s of the world.

Your neighbor is far more capable of ruining your life than is any foreign enemy, and they can get it done by pulling a lever in a voting booth.

Patriots had better understand, quickly, that there is no cavalry.  No entity on Earth shares your values except the few of us who look to the Constitution as our guiding political philosophy.  No African, European, Russian or Asian approves of a strong America. 

Most of your neighbors agree with Them.

Look in the mirror.  That’s the only American who is capable of defeating the enemies of the republic.

You’ll never be given permission to get the job done.



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