Intent to Destroy

When I am forced out and about into the world – something that I find more abhorrant as I grow older – I tune into conservative radio.  Today I was out while Rush was on.  He’s not anywhere near my spot on the political spectrum, but as far as Liberty goes, I think he is better than most…so, he’s a keeper.  For now.  We can eat him last.

Today he was all over the mantra that Obama is not the serious brain that the Left touts.  He thinks Obama is incompetent and clueless.  Rush claims that Obama has no understanding what makes America work.

I think differently.  While I am not a conspiracy guy at all, I think President Obama knows exactly what he is doing.  I think his agenda is simply beyond the ability for most folks to admit: He and those around him want to destroy what we know as America.

If once is an accident and twice is a coincidence, then everything must be by design.

And everything that President Obama does and permits to be done is a serious body blow to America.  Everything. 

E v e r y t h i n g.

If we were watching him in a fight we’d have to conclude that the man drops bombs with every single swing!

I’m not going to regurgitate the list of actions taken since his inauguration.  There is no need.

If you think my conslusion is off, then I would ask that for the next week you look at every single action, speech and proposal put forth by President Obama through the lens of intent to destroy.  Try it for just a week and see if your mind is changed.



2 thoughts on “Intent to Destroy

  1. I agree 100%.

    He's not acting through ignorance or incompetence.

    He's acting from malice.

    From his perspective, it's altruism.

    That's why he's so dangerous.

    As long as the right does not recognize this, he will continue dropping bombs.

    Good challenge and points.



  2. Amen. I know Obama certainly isn't the brightest bulb, but it has been obvious since the beginning that he is following his agenda of destroying our economy, our ability to defend ourselves as a nation, and our relationships with our allies. Everything he does serves the purpose of damaging our country and establishing Euro-style socialism in place of our Constitutional Republic.

    Obama and the ugly creature he may or may not be married to (he hasn't shown us a marriage certificate either, not that anyone has asked) have both declared their hatred of America. He and MicHELLe won't rest until socialism and Sharia are the order of the day.


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