Ron Paul 2012…?

He’s in, per Drudge & National Journal, here.

But is he too old?

He’s 75 today, and we are still 18 months out. 

His VP would be very important, arguably more important.



4 thoughts on “Ron Paul 2012…?

  1. I donated more money to Ron Paul's campaign in 2008 than all the money I have ever given to anyone in politics. But I have since learned of his anti-Israel stance, and I cannot support that. I don't know if he is an anti-Semite as well, but Israel is not only a necessary ally in the Middle East, they deserve our support as a country, as a last refuge for Jews from the hatred and pogroms and genocide they have suffered everywhere they have lived before Israel.

    They still suffer from the hatred even in Israel – even from members of our own government, including the bastard who occupies the White House – but Israel is their home, and they deserve our support in keeping it. Consequently, I won't spend any more time or money on Ron Paul.

    Besides, the Republican Party will simply shut him down like they did last time, manipulating the primary results and marginalizing him. Give me Allen West and/or Herman Cain.


  2. Yes, his VP would need to be a uniter to more main-stream conservatives. Ron Paul is weak on aggressive foreign policy,(sorry, but probably necessary) so maybe a tough war-tempered Constitutionalist like Allen West? I can't think of a better ticket, even if it was reversed.


  3. I can't see throwing any money into the Primary fights. The last man – or woman – standing will get my support, though my enthusiasm will be determined by many factors.

    Anyone but Obama will be the mantra next cycle, I hope.

    That said, I want the most Constitutionally sound candidate who is electable. Trump is not my political cup of tea, and I don't think he gives a whit about the Constitution – but he would improve the business environment in the country, I am convinced. So if he's the last man standing, ok. Whoever is elected could do a world of good for Liberty through appointments.

    But none of it will matter if Congress remains the cesspool it is today.



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