Osama is dead? So What?

I like the fact that there are still a few Americans who can cheer the death of an enemy.

There ends my positive assessment of the death of Osama.

Osama never tried to put his hands on my family at an airport.  Osama never violated the 4th Amendment in a major city where my Countrymen must open their belongings, at gunpoint, to random searches by LEO.  Osama never made an argument that 2A should be restricted because the “Gunshow Loophole” is a way to provide weapons to Terrorists.  Osama never tapped my phone, invaded my computer, or stole a dime from my paychecks. 

Osama never inflicted one single hardship in my life as that imposed by my own Countrymen.

Osama is simply one aspiring tyrant and murderer of Americans who needed killin’.

There are many.  Most of them live within our borders.



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