Osama Killed…

So, Osama is dead?

OK.  Pundits are already screaming about this being a game changer.


He is now a martyr, and martyrs move the world.

UPDATE: Report circulating that Osama was buried at sea, here.  Oh, really?  Now, doesn’t that lead to several interesting places…

If you were an Administration, up to your butt in alligators, how better to change the topic than to kill a national enemy, claim you identified him with DNA, and dump the body at sea so there is no evidence but that put forth by the same crew who can’t even forge a proper birth certificate, and unleash every conspiracy theorist to chew on this red meat for a while…

It will be interesting to see if this report proves out.

But remember: It’s only a Sparklie!



2 thoughts on “Osama Killed…

  1. The sock monkey can't even get a decent Photo Shop operator. Oh yea, and they dumped the carcass at sea. How convenient was that? If I had known I would live long enough to see this magnitude of stupidity, I would have been a hell of a lot more reckless. Piss on the fire and call the dogs. Moby Dick is dead and Ahab and crew survived this time. What's next? 40 acres and a mule?


  2. Well that settles it, it's Not just my paranoia, Why dump the body at SEA??? wasn't Obumer worried about Pollution and the Ecology do you have any idea how many poor fish have been poisoned by this action.
    Besides, I wanted to Piss on that ASSHOLE,the other one also.



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