What are we not talking about today?

Birth Certificate dump…

Debt Ceiling…


Denninger: These facts and needs are not optional.  We are headed straight for a brick wall at 100mph.  The dollar is in freefall as a direct consequence of the acts of our government.  The currency’s strength is determined by the belief in the market of future ability to levy and collect taxes, for that is all that the government has as a means of funding.  The market is telling you that this ability is in serious doubt, as the government continues to run up the credit card and its outstanding debt as compared to its income has risen to ridiculous levels.  We have some $14.28 trillion in debt outstanding right now, but the federal government only collects about $2.1 trillion a year in tax revenues.  That is, we’re in debt as a nation nearly seven times our income.

Consider what we are not discussing today, and you will recognize what “They” think is important.

Sparklies: Here.



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