Our Enemy is Domestic…

Let us assume for the sake of discussion that everything posited by the White House regarding Osama’s capture & disposal is factual.

Now step back and consider the details objectively, as would the Citizen of any other nation but our own.  What do you conclude?

Osama, we are told, masterminded the murder of thousands of Americans.  Chasing him has led us into wars where many thousands of our fighting men have died.  We have spent trillions on the “War on Terror” that was a result of Osama bin Laden’s efforts.

When we find him and kill him, our Leaders insist that his body be treated in accord with his religious beliefs.  Some poor Military doctor or religious officer was ordered to treat the corpse of a murderer of Americans with reverence, wash it and prepare it for proper burial.

Then we dump the body at sea within the proscribed Muslim custom of 24 hours.

What do you see as a Citizen of another country as you watch how America handled this situation?  Do you think us civilized and more evolved than the heathens we fight?

Or do you take away that Americans have become soft, too effete to live in the real world and lead?  Do you take away that American leaders are more worried about the sensibilities of the world’s Muslims than the sensibilities of her own and her dead?

Would you follow such an America into the fires of Hell to save the world from Muslim Slavery?

As an American, what are your thoughts?  Do you think it more proper to yield to the customs of the murderer’s religion, or would you prefer that our Leaders act as would Patton or other Leaders from our past?

Would you not feel better as an American if our Leaders ordered the corpse brought to New York City, placed in a vaccum sealed glass case and put on display without one single change?  Let passersby see what a double-tap from an American pistol will do to a brain case.

Is it more important to worry about the sensibilities of the world, or of Americans?

Personally, I would have ordered the corpse sealed into the glass case and built into the new Ground Zero building.  Consider the satisfaction of every American who has been forced to suffer because of Osama.  Consider the tourism revenue to New York City! 

Most importantly, consider the value of making every other idiot in the world think twice about hunting Americans.

When next you must vote, or when the implosion happens and the rules change, consider that our current Political Class would reverantly bury the corpse of an enemy murderer, while forcing your family to endure the indignities of TSA.

And the billion+ Muslims who would be offended and come at us?

Bring it.

That’s my America.  I have no use for this version in which we live today.



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