Bill Nye

Bill, not sure if I’m one of the 3 readers.  If not, I’m number 4!  And I’m damn proud of it.

Bill hands out a blog-beating better than most men can deliver in person with a Louisville Slugger!

Welcome to the Club of Patriots Attacked by Vanderboegh.  He’s been doing it for generations.

Patriots: The Liberty Movement is serious business.  Pay attention to whom you look for Leadership, and make sure the road you are on leads not to a mass grave.  Mike Vanderboegh cheered when innocent men, women & children were murdered and thrown into mass graves, and he cheered when Americans were killed in combat, and he worked for the deaths of more, right here in America.

You’d better understand that you are alone in this fight for Liberty.

And you’d better understand that you are surrounded by enemies, even if you don’t recognize who they are…

In the mirror is the one you can trust the most.

Bill’s latest is here.



4 thoughts on “Bill Nye

  1. Alan, I agree. Bill's argument is very powerful.

    I think the take-away for the community may be that we can never really be certain what is in the hearts and minds of those who claim to be on our side. We know for a fact that the Militia & Patriot Communities are infiltrated heavily with Fed LEO.

    I think the operating procedure should be caution at all times if a Patriot chooses to network.

    Personally, I associate with many but I don't enter into confidences with any. I prefer being a loner. There are some I trust, many I respect (You're among them), but I know that when SHTF none of you will be in my AO.

    I don't counsel anyone to stop visiting Sipsey.

    I do counsel everyone to question everything, from everyone, always.

    Liberty is no game. Second Place is a cell and a mass grave. Those who would be our Masters subscribe to Mao & Lenin & Stalin & the Khmer Rouge. The common thread for all of those Tyrants: Mass Graves filled with enemies.

    Stay safe.



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