Bill Nye

Bill explores the Broken Windows Theory and methods of manipulation employed by bad guys.

Read it here.



3 thoughts on “Bill Nye

  1. “This blog is NOT about Kerodin.”

    Really? Then why this entry? It certainly doesn't advance or support the Threepers.

    Cui Bono? (who benefits?) Again, not the III movement.

    Your efforts to make some money here makes you an American entrepreneur, and since MBV couldn't get guys to throw free rocks, I wish you luck in that.

    Beyond that, make this right. Do what you need to do to smooth the waters. We don't need this silly-@ss b*llsh*t.


  2. Peter, I disagree with your premise that the III does not benefit from Bill's posts.

    I am, indeed, an entrepreneur. But our III book is not a for-profit effort. It is a collaborative effort by several prominent members of the Liberty Movement to build bridges to our natural allies for the 2012 political cycle.

    I also agree that the III Community and the broader Liberty Movement should not have to endure endless sniping and divisive efforts…but “making this right” and “smoothing the waters” are not my responsibilities. Speak to He who slings poo at Patriots from Sipsey, time and again.

    When a pattern of poo slinging and blue-on-blue attacks are so easily identified and documented, there comes a point when the Community should consider the source and motivation.

    I think Bill did a darn good job.

    Liberty is not a popularity contest. This is serious business. There is no room for narcissistic Ego to compromise the work of good Patriots, benefitting none but OpFor.



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