Mo’s in Charge

Mo’s Mo’rons are protesting in London.

They are protesting and advocating and working toward the fall of Britain, to be replaced by the Caliphate.

That is, unquestionably, an existential threat to the Citizens of the crown.

Why the British tolerate the open calls for the enslavement of their Citizens in their capital is beyond me, and not my concern.

When it happens here, how will you respond?  How would you suggest that our Government & LEO respond?  Should we throw the protesters in prison for sedition and/or Treason?  Should we prosecute and then hand out the harshest penalties for Treason, which is death?  Should we deport anyone who is protesting that is not a Citizen?

It will happen here at some point.

What do we do with our Politicians who refuse to act, citing 1A?

1A is one thing…but I suspect it ends when you are advocating the overthrow of the republic.  That is certainly the tack a US Attorney will take if YOU were to advocate the overthrow of the republic.

What do YOU intend to do when it happens here?

The link from Drudge is here.



One thought on “Mo’s in Charge

  1. How will I respond….

    I will emulate Col W. Travis and his troops, who's unflinching loayalty and duty gave the Mexican's hell during fight for Texas independence.

    From the letter that Col. Travis sent from the Alamo Feb 26, 1836.

    “Charles Despallier and Robert Brown gallantly sallied out and set fire to houses which afforded the enemy shelter, in the face of enemy fire. Indeed, the whole of the men who were brought into action conducted themselves with such heroism that it would be injustice to discriminate….
    If they overpower us, we fall a sacrifice at the shrine of our country, and we hope prosperity and our country will do our memory justice. Give me help, oh my country! Victory or Death!”


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