Danger Everywhere: Internal Passports Coming?

There already exist several programs for “Approved Travellers” run by our Government.  Here is a sample.

Our Masters are already calling for expanded TSA checkpoints, as we all saw coming last year.

With the infrastructure in place and conditioning Americans by the millions every year, how long will it be before the solution to the hassle of going to the corner convenience store is solved with your Government Issued Internal Passport?

At first Big Uncle will ease into the Papers! demands without making you do anything special – they’ll simply begin asking for your Driver’s License.  Soon enough there will be calls for a more “secure” set of paperwork, issued by Big Uncle.

We already know that the vast majority of our Countrymen will shrug and accept. 

A few will grumble.

Will this be what finally leads a Patriot to a genuine …not one more inch… moment?

Not Fort Sumter enough for you?

Recently I find myself wondering how the Revolution ever happened in the first place…perhaps because John Parker didn’t wait for an act that came anywhere near the magnitude of Sumter.

Maybe he and his men had a lower threshold for the state of slavery in which they were willing to live.

Do you think John Parker and his men were so very different from the rest of his Countrymen?

We’ve already established there were at least III Percent who saw the world as did they…

Soon, at least 97% will apply for their official Internal Passports.



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