Bill Nye: You Own It

I own every word I’ve ever written.  I own the fact that I call myself a III Patriot, because I know where I’ll be when SHTF.  I own responsibility for some of the discord in the Community by my actions.  I own the satisfaction of having built a few bridges and helping grow the Community, however modestly.

I own that there will be more problems, and I own my place in this thing we call the Liberty Movement.

For myself, I own the III label and proudly apply it to myself.  I know exactly when, how and why I will take action and I will own the fallout.  Whether I leave the world better or worse for my having been in it will be measured subjectively by many, and most harshly by me.

A label should not be something others apply to you.  Do not permit others to define you.  If they do, at least do not give them the power to affect your actions or philosophy.  A label, such as a III Patriot, is what you wear as definition of yourself.

Most of us have several labels that apply.  I am a Husband, an Uncle, a Friend to a few, a brother by blood to one and a Brother without blood to another.  And when I look for my place in the Liberty Movement, I best quantify and qualify my position with the III label.  The word Patriot fits, but to my tastes is too broad.

I am a III Patriot.

I own it.

What do you own about yourself?

Bill knows where he stands in his world.  Do you know where you stand in yours?

Read Bill’s piece here.



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